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Note 1

Bach flower remedies can be used in various ways also in consideration of the fact that flower therapy has no contraindications or side effects (2), at most it can have no effect or, if the flower is appropriate and acts as it should, the so-called "therapeutic aggravation" could take over. In their use it would certainly be preferable to be followed by a therapist, especially for the choice of the most suitable essences for the problem you are trying to solve, but with a little attention, you can also do it yourself.

It is possible, for different essences, to mix them together even if this is not always advisable and the choices are to be evaluated case by case to avoid nullifying the effect as the vibrations of a flower could cancel those of another or the product. that comes out after the mix may no longer be suitable for our problem. In any case, the effect exerted by the single essence is always greater if it is not mixed with other Bach flower remedies, this is because an exclusive relationship is established between the Bach flower essence and the organism for which it is very often recommended to take the individual remedies independently, at different times of the day rather than making a mixture.

The essences of Bach flowers are presented as a lotion, in liquid form and it is always necessary to keep in mind, as a general rule, than in flower therapy the quantity of the remedy you take is not important, but how often you take the remedy that corresponds to the frequency of the energy stimulus that the body feels it has which causes the stimulus to heal in return.

It is always advisable to take Bach's remedies away from meals so at least they are taken: in the morning before breakfast, in the evening before going to bed, mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Another general advice is that the number of drops that are taken is always the same as it has been observed that they have a greater therapeutic effect.

The methods through which it is possible to take Bach flowers are the following:

1) Method of the glass

This method is indicated in cases where a certain pathology has become chronic and in behavioral disharmonies.

Pour about 3-4 fingers of good quality, non-carbonated mineral water into a cooking glass, adding 4 drops of the Bach flower remedy from the stock bottle.

In the case of a chronic pathology it is advisable to take 1-2 glasses a day sipping them over an hour or even a little longer.

In the case of acute pathologies it is preferable to prepare 3-4 glasses (or even more) of which you will take a sip every five minutes (or even less) until you feel that the symptoms are easing. Since, in this case, the amount of water you are going to take is enough, if a person does not want to drink it, it is sufficient for him to hold the sip in his mouth for several seconds, then shake it and then spit it out. In fact, the benefit of the remedy is not linked to the fact that it arrives in the stomach and is digested, but is linked to its contact with the tissues to which it transmits all its vibrational charge.

2) Vial method

The 30 ml vial method has a more introspective action and acts more on the mental level and allows you to mix together multiple remedies to take them out of the house with you.

Take a dark glass vial with an airtight cap and a dropper and fill it 3/4 with non-carbonated mineral water and 1/4 with a good brandy at at least 40 °, then add the drops of Bach's remedies you intend to use, close with the cap and shake before each intake.

The drops of the remedies should be taken from the stock bottles and added in even numbers (two or four) to the vial.

If you are a teetotaler and can't stand alcohol (which only has the function of a preservative), this can be replaced either with apple cider vinegar or only with pure natural water. In this case the solution cannot be stored for a long time, a couple of days at most and then it must be renewed.

To take the drops, fill the dropper pipette and drop them either directly on the tongue (making sure that the dropper does not come into contact with any part of the tissues or saliva) in a variable number from a minimum of four or even more, and are held in their mouths for some time before swallowing them. Generally it is recommended to take them at least four times a day even if, in this type of therapy, there are no precise rules.

3) Bottle method

Even this method of taking Bach flower remedies is suitable for solving very ancient problems deeply rooted in the psyche, similar to that of the glass only more suitable for those who are away from home many hours during the day.

Also in this case, use natural mineral water that should be taken during the day, preferably between meals, with a clean mouth, not when smoking.

Depending on the size of the bottle, the number of drops (taken from the stoch bottle) to be placed in the bottle could be as follows:

  • for half a liter of water (to be consumed throughout the day): 6-8 drops
  • for a liter and a half of water (can be consumed within 2-3 days): 12-18 drops
  • for two liters of water (can be consumed within 2-3 days): 20-24 drops

4) Wraps

With Bach's remedies it is also possible to make compresses that are very simple to make: you take a glass or small ceramic bowl into which you put warm water and 4-6 drops of the appropriate remedy. Take a piece of gauze or a clean piece of cotton and dip it into the bowl so that it becomes saturated with the solution. It is then applied to the affected area and left for about 15 minutes. The application is repeated three times so that the total duration of the pack is 30 minutes.

It is important that the solution in the bowl is always lukewarm when the gauze is immersed, so it will certainly be heated during the application. Never heat it in the microwave but in a steel saucepan.

The result of the pack is milder than applying the pure essence but has the advantage of allowing you to treat a larger surface with a smaller amount of essence.

5) Ointment

An ointment can help in the case of localized pain and therefore as an aid to the oral intake of the remedy.

Its preparation is very simple: you buy a basic cream in the pharmacy that is a cream that does not contain any essence. If the cream is not already in a glass jar, it is preferable to pour it because glass is the most suitable material to contain the remedies based on Bach flowers which are vibrational in nature and therefore does not interfere with the intimate essence of the remedies.

In practice, the formula to use is as follows: 4 drops of Bach flower essence taken from the stoch bottle for every 10ml of cream. Mix everything with a ceramic, wooden or plastic teaspoon (it is important that it is not metal) slowly, clockwise, until everything is well blended.

6) Massage oils

The essences of Bach flowers can be mixed with various types of oils to create beneficial massages.

For this purpose you must use good quality oils purchased preferably in herbal medicine such as sweet almond oil, sesame seed oil, sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, suitable in a universal way.

Also in this case, as for the ointment, 4 drops of Bach flower essence are added to every 10 ml of oil.

It is important before using the oil to shake the vial well to mix the essence and oil well.

7) Eye drops

To prepare the eye drops, take physiological solution purchased at the pharmacy and mix 2 drops of Bach flower essence in 10 ml of solution.

Also in this case a dark glass bottle with an airtight cap and dropper is used.

The resulting eye drops can be kept for no more than 7 days, then it must be renewed.

8) Nebulization

The nebulization method is generally used to purify environments that emit negative vibrations or to try to regulate imbalances in the person's energy field.

For its preparation, a nebulizer like that normally used for plants is used and 1/4 of brandy, 3/4 of non-carbonated mineral water and 6/8 drops of Bach flower essence are introduced for each 1/2 liter of liquid.

It is sprayed at least twice a day (more often in the case of plants and animals), spraying the body by holding the sprayer about 20 cm from the body.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

Normally for the children the preparation and dosage of Bach flowers is the same as for adults, however for i newborns and very young children need to adopt some precautions.

In a 30 ml dark glass bottle, fitted with a glass dropper, pour:

  1. Natural mineral water, until about 2/3 of the bottle is filled. In the absence of mineral water, boiled water can never be used, since this would not be a good vehicle for the energy of flowers (Dr. Bach considered it "dead water").
  2. 2 drops of each of the selected essences, taken from the stock bottle (pure essences, without dilution) 4 drops in the case of Rescue Remedy. In general, it is not recommended to use more than six essences in one bottle. If you are not very experienced, I even advise you not to exceed the number of three, at least on the first administration. This makes it easier to monitor the effects and you can always add them later.
  3. Preservative for the water (about 1/3 of the bottle). For adults, 2 teaspoons of brandy are used. The dose is minimal and, if desired, it can also be administered to children alternatively, you can use apple cider vinegar, but it has a rather unpleasant taste, or vegetable glycerin. If the mixture is used quickly, the preservative can also be omitted so the shelf life will be approximately 3 weeks. In this case, care must be taken that the dropper does not come into direct contact with the inside of the child's mouth. If this happens, rinse it well under running water.

The dropper bottles can be purchased at the pharmacy.

What are Bach flowers?

At the beginning of the thirties, the English doctor Dr. Edward Bach, believing that the disease was nothing more than the manifestation in the body of an emotional imbalance, devoted himself to the search for a method of treatment that could trace the real cause of the problem by re-harmonizing the inner conflict. He lived from 1886 to 1936 in England, graduated in medicine and was a famous physician and a well-known pathologist, immunologist and bacteriologist. His discoveries in these fields were pioneering and the remedies he discovered entered the history of homeopathy under the name of "Bach's nosodes". Despite the enormous successes achieved, he continued to be dissatisfied. For him the disease was a consequence of the disharmony between body and soul, not a «… Malfunction of the man machine…». He believed that the symptoms of the disease represented the outward expression, the physical manifestation of negative moods. His postulate was: "Heals man, not disease". He assumed that the cause of the illnesses were negative moods such as worries, fear, dissatisfaction, impatience, sadness, etc., so he devoted himself to finding remedies that act on these inner causes. He discovered and disclosed the healing properties of 38 wild plants, now known as Bach's Floral Remedies, capable of acting on as many negative moods. By his desire, this method is not aimed only at professionals but at all people who sincerely wish to embark on a path that, through self-knowledge and overcoming negative moods, leads to the harmonious development of the personality and therefore to healing.

Bach flowers are floral extracts that treat the negative moods responsible for our inner and consequently physical discomfort. Says Dr. Bach:

What are Bach flowers?

Bach flowers restore harmony to our life. But what is harmony? It is a set of different elements in balance with each other, so that none of them negatively prevail over the others. How many times do we feel that "something is wrong", but we don't know what and we can't transform this inner discomfort. Bach flowers cleanse this malaise, leaving room for serenity, courage, the ability to know how to choose the best for oneself.

How do Bach flowers work?

To understand how flower essences work, it is first of all necessary to assimilate the concept according to which every living thing is infused with energy, or vital force. It is not possible to see or touch this energy but, like the air you breathe, it is essential for life. While it is difficult for many Westerners to accept the idea that there is something beyond materiality, for Eastern peoples it is a foregone conclusion. The healing power of flowers is contained in their particular energetic or vibrational qualities. The energetic structure of each flower is unique, as are its characteristics.
Flower essences are described as a kind of "liquid energy", it can be said that they literally encapsulate the structure of the energy or the vibration of the flower from which they come.
In the preparation of flower essences, water plays a decisive role, since it is this element that absorbs the energy of the flowers. Those who imagine finding chemical elements dissolved by the petals in the essences will be disappointed: the flower essence contains only the energy of the flower.

Where do Bach flowers work?

Like all living entities, man too is infused with energy. An energy that permeates every part of his being and whose abundance goes hand in hand with the state of health and the level of vitality. If in the newborn the energy flows freely, as the man covers the path of existence, it begins to vanish for a variety of reasons. According to traditional Chinese medicine, matter is infused with a subtle energy, called who or qi, which manifests itself through vibration, circulation and motion waves.
The energy that flows along a network of channels called meridians, which extend throughout the body like an intricate spider's web. The latter can be compared to a second nervous system that connects the physical body and the more subtle energy system that surrounds it. Very often, however, in these channels the energy does not flow smoothly and blockages can occur.
It would be enough to dig deep to discover that problems often arise from a certain character trait or a particular behavioral pattern. For this reason it is essential to treat each individual as a unique being, to try to know him more deeply in order to try to understand the cause of the disorder or disease. The beauty of flower essences is that they help you become aware of the presence in your being of elements that undermine your personal sense of well-being.
The flower essences work with the individual, they allow him to "see" the imbalances that are within him and, by infusing him with energy, they allow him to get rid of what prevents him from being happy.
The English doctor recognized the link between stress, emotions and illness and was convinced that it was the inner conflicts, which disturb the soul of individuals, that caused the disease. summed up his own philosophy of care by saying:

According to Bach, correcting these defects would have led to an increase in physical and mental vitality, which in turn would have made it possible to resolve any physical ailments.

In which cases are Bach flowers useful?

Dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression, insecurity various phobias, pessimism, panic attacks, apathy, bitterness, anguish, uncertainty, physical and psychological trauma, feelings of guilt, nervousness, stress, sense of inferiority, restlessness, inability to concentrate, restlessness, and in all cases of inner malaise, giving back Harmony, Optimism, Serenity is Welfare.
Flower Therapy is a simple, natural, universal cure that restores order and harmony to the mind and body.
It is also an instrument of knowledge and management of one's emotions, therefore it is a key to spiritual growth and evolution.

"Who has little time to look after their health
one day he will use a lot of his time to cure his illness "

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The effects of Bach flowers

The Bach flower acts not on disease, but onindividual in its entirety. Brings balance between mind and body and promotes healing. According to Edward Bach, there is a common pattern in all human beings, indeed, 38 patterns. A Bach flower is connected to each of them. Anguish, fear, anger… are models that lead to imbalance and therefore, can lead to illness. Bach identified an associated flower for each common pattern.

However, there are seven main states identified:

  1. Uncertainty
  2. Little interest in the present
  3. Hypersensitivity to external influences
  4. Fear
  5. Discouragement
  6. Solitude
  7. Too much concern for the welfare of others

The effects of Bach flowers are usually evident in a rather short time, especially among adolescents and children. They relieve anxiety and stress, giving new physical energy.

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Clarity on Bach Flowers

The essences of the Bach flowers help balance all states or the psychic and other emotional planes of the plants, animals and people, therefore they assist the general well-being and do not play on placebo effects.

As the founder of this therapy Edward Bach said: "Flower remedies have the property of balancing our vibrations and therefore of activating the spiritual forces that free and heal the mind and body..”

The essences are remedies that collect and transmit the messages and vibrations of the flowers and it is essential that they are prepared with the utmost care and following the same indications of Bach: collection and preparation with devotion and gratitude in uncontaminated places, possibly from spontaneous plants in excellent health and full of vigor. If these criteria are not followed, the effect of Bach flower essences or remedies (fB) can be very mild and therefore very long times are required to obtain some results.

At Etica we have been preparing them in the best possible way for over twenty years, but our effort to offer the highest quality does not end here. We energize the water we use for the preparation, and for conservation we use brandy, as Bach did and the remedies are stored in specific pharmaceutical bottles, 30 ml, dark with the dropper, which offer maximum protection of the essences. There are no codes on our bottles or anything else that could have a negative effect on the remedy itself.

Anyone can prepare the Flowers?

Here is Bach's answer, on the preparation of flowers: from the Wallingford conference in 1936: "The entire healing principle of this method is so simple that it can be understood by virtually everyone and even the herbs themselves can be collected and prepared by anyone who delights in this.”

Until you try the Bach flowers, made to perfection, as was said in the past, you do not realize the difference that may exist with other remedies.

How Bach flowers are prepared

The preparation

The flowers are collected with devotion, the flowers or the buds in the morning, after the dew has dried, without ever touching them with the hands, or directly. Generally they are cut with a pair of sharp scissors, dropping them directly into a glass jar that contains the water of a spring that is born near the place of collection itself.

The pot with the infused flowers is placed in the sun there in the place of collection for at least three or four hours, making sure that no shadow crosses the pot with its infused flowers. This method is called sunburn.

Some flower remedies, in particular the buds, after being harvested, as with devotion as the flowers, are prepared with the boiling method. Instead of exposing the infusion to the sun, they are boiled in spring water for about half an hour.

Once the maceration or setting in the sun or by boiling is finished, the infusion water is separated from the flowers by filtering it with a cloth, ideal if made of linen, usually and then the brandy is added in equal quantities, to ensure the preservation of the 'essence. Bach used brandy, a distillate that is produced in England, because he considered it purer and more natural than the denatured alcohol normally used in medicine. The infusion thus obtained is called the mother.

For the intake, the mother is diluted in the ratio of four drops in thirty ml of water, if it is consumed within the day, possibly with the addition of 50% of brandy to improve its duration, if it is prepared in a bottle and used. drops: four at least four times a day and as needed.

There are those who argue that only the Bach Center is authorized to prepare flowers, but not Bach himself who tells us in 1936:
The entire healing principle of this method is so simple that it can be understood by virtually everyone and even the herbs themselves can be collected and prepared by anyone who delights in this.”

The flowers in the two preparations indicated by Bach himself with the names he used:
The mother, pure and concentrated as it is prepared directly and diluted 50% with brandy for conservation.
The dose, which is a dilution of the mother in 30 ml of water, for immediate use is the ideal concentration for taking the flowers and guarantees an incisive and fast action without upsetting the delicate emotional balance. Instead, to use it in drops, over time, the 30 ml must be diluted 50% with brandy.

Bach flowers, how to use them

The dosage is always that of four drops (recommended by Bach himself) to be taken directly in the mouth, on the tongue, or below four times a day.
The intake period varies from a few days, at least seven to one or two months. Everyone will be able to understand how long to take the fB remedies: usually when their effect is exhausted we forget to take them, we no longer feel like taking them, we forget the bottle lying around.
Surely then we no longer need it and perhaps listening to ourselves and comparing the situation we can detect the change that has taken place within us.

Bach flowers, dose or mother?

The flowers in the two preparations indicated by Bach:
The mother, pure and concentrated, must be diluted, it is recommended for therapists and for those who use it for compresses.
The dose is a dilution of four drops of the mother, in 30 ml of water which is the ideal concentration for the intake of the essences: it guarantees an incisive and fast action without upsetting the delicate emotional balance, while if it is kept for one use prolonged on 30ml, 15ml must be of brandy.

Bach flowers, concentration

How important is the concentration of flowers in the essences?
Flower essences and are not vibrational remedies and their effectiveness depends on the vibrations they transmit.
This led Bach to argue that they can be diluted more and more without losing effectiveness, since the vibration or frequency remains the same. In reality it is only a partial truth, as the vibrations of flowers are not only present in the world of ideas but are also concretely present in their molecules that pass into the water.

This is a substantial difference noted by Bach, so much so that he abandoned the homeopathic method, which he had adopted in the beginning in the preparation of flowers. In fact, let's not forget that Bach was one of the most famous homeopathic doctors of his time as well as an expert in astrology and a psychic, he himself wrote about it in his texts, noting the fact that he could not disclose it, precisely in his time, an interest considered unbecoming and not only then, for a doctor, before devoting himself completely to flower therapy. It is precisely in the difference between homeopathy and flower therapy that lies the explanation of why the material presence of floral molecules and their vibration is so important.

Homeopathy is based on the action that the human body develops in contact with a material substance. For example, if we ingest the roots of a toxic substance, our body develops an immediate reaction with pain, high fever, etc. With homeopathic dilutions we strip the plant of its material plane so that only the frequency remains.

The assumption of the homeopathic vibration of the toxic substance treats diseases that have characteristics similar to those produced by the intake of the weight substance, for example sudden high fevers or excruciating pains. If the vibration of the substance is similar to that of the disease, the body connects the two and thus is able to recognize the disharmony and implement the healing processes. The absence of the original material substance It is important to allow the body to create a link between its disharmony and the vibration of the remedy. If there were the toxic substance present materially it would react to it, which would be a reaction that helps to overcome the disease, but in an ineffective way because it would engage part of the healing force to fight the poison of the toxic substance.

The situation is very different in the case of flower remedies whose function is to convey the messages of flowers that are always positive, as is the case for what some call: mind. The same message arrives differently if it is present only at an ideal level than when it is also present materially. The world of ideas needs to be brought to the tangible level, so a message that exists only in the ideal world requires integration with the material world, that is, our organism.

We often have imbalances precisely because we struggle to integrate the world of ideas with the physical one. On the other hand, if in the floral remedy there is a certain number of molecules of the flowers that have dissolved in the water, it happens that these communicate their vibration on a physical level in our organism, where they continue to vibrate and resonate with the cells of the body. until they are deleted.

Working in a profound way without involving the body is an inauthentic way. We live in a body on the plane of matter and if we can involve it in the process of change and healing we can achieve better results. It is like the difference between thinking and doing something and actually doing it. Would we have the same effect? I really think not and you?

For this reason, the concentration of a flower remedy is of great importance. To get the best from the dose to be taken, as Bach used to do, a dilution of one to 240 of the mother: Find out about the dilution of the flowers you take: their effectiveness depends on this dilution.

Good reasons to use Bach flowers

(Taken from: New horizons with Bach Flowers, by Ricardo Orozco ed. Center for Psychophysical Wellness.

  1. Absence of contraindications in Bach flowers. Bach flowers can be used by both infants and the elderly, pregnant women and sick people of all kinds. They can also be used for animals and plants.
  2. Absence of secondary side effects in Bach flowers. Contrary to what has sometimes been said, the symptoms hardly ever become acute in the early stages of treatment and one cannot even speak of a crisis, since floral medicine has nothing in common with either allopathy or homeopathy. Sometimes it happens that the flowers put in contact with a certain principle, for which the patient, focusing his attention on that particular problem, may have the impression that the symptoms become acute. In no case does taking the flowers produce secondary side effects. On some occasions, energetic mobilizations occur, which imply a certain degree of disturbance, caused by a rearrangement of emotional, mental or physical contents, or due to the person's resistance to change. This fact cannot be considered a secondary side effect. As we have seen, Bach flowers operate in all vibrational fields of living beings. They do not use pharmacokinetic principles or laboratory manipulations, so there are no risks of allopathic or homeopathic medicines.
  3. Compatibility of Bach flowers with any care. By acting on more subtle levels than homeopathy and allopathy, floral therapy is not altered by them. It is not true that allopathic medicines (not even psychotropic drugs) diminish the effect of essences.
  4. Accessibility of Bach flowers. Any average sensitive person can not only self-diagnose his own remedies, but also make them, if he is able to distinguish the flowers well. In this case, complex laboratory processes are not required, the laboratory is nature itself. Years of study are not required to learn the system.
  5. Low cost of Bach flowers. The most expensive thing in flower care is the price of the bottle. It is incalculable how much money the public administration could save if it used the flower system.
  6. Bach flower safety. Esiste un'ampia esperienza (settant'anni) nel loro utilizzo, oltre a una vasta documentazione sul tema, il che fa del fiore di Bach un sistema solido ed affidabile.
  7. Azione a livello energetico sottile. I fiori agiscono a livello energetico profondo in modo vibrazionale, arrivano quindi alle strutture fisiche.
  8. Azione dei fiori di Bach sulla causa reale della malattia. Le essenze possiedono la potenza sufficiente e l'informazione adeguata per agire nei livelli causali della malattia, indipendentemente dall'intenzione o dalla formazione del terapista, il che trasforma la terapia floreale in un sistema praticamente unico nel suo genere. I fiori modificano quello che è da modificare.
  9. Azione dei fiori di Bach su tutti piani possibili. I rimedi agiscono su tutti piani di chi li assume. Per questo motivo possono agire su disturbi di ogni genere, sia fisici che emozionali, mentali, spirituali. La terapia floreale può pertanto essere considerata una cura olistica, che contempla la persona come un tutt'uno integrato e interdipendente.
  10. Polarizzate a livello evolutivo. Le essenze floreali sono state scelte e preparate per l'evoluzione integrale dell'essere umano, quindi, indipendentemente da quello che stiamo trattando e qualunque sia la motivazione di chi li prende, i fiori agiscono ripermeabilizzando la connessione Sè Superiore-Personalità. Questo ha una serie di ripercussioni benefiche per chi li assume, non solo a livello mentale, fisico ed emozionale, ma anche a livello spirituale.
  11. Selettività dell'azione. Agiscono a livello della disarmonia, perché ogni essenza ha un principio vibrazionale differente, con una frequenza che coincide con il principio negativo da correggere. In questo modo se diamo un fiore sbagliato, semplicemente non agisce, annullando quindi ogni possibilità di ledere il paziente.

Chi desiderasse approfondire consiglio di leggere i diari di Bach, dove troverete tutte le indicazioni REALI al riguardo su:

  • come scegliere il nostro fiore tipo
  • come testarli
  • come farli
  • come usarli
  • come curarsi praticamente gratis

Bach prima di essere medico era un sensitivo ed un esperto astrologo, non il segno ma la luna determina il fiore tipo.

Grazie dottor Bach, vediamo di stare attenti alle sofisticazioni e speculazioni.

NB le parole riportate non sono le mie ma direttamente quelle di Bach o chi per Lui.

Uso e preparazione miscela con i Fiori di Bach

Come si usano i Fiori di Bach:
dopo aver scelto i Fiori necessari, si passa a preparare la boccetta da 3 0ml (in vetro brunito e con contagocce in vetro), la si sterilizza facendola bollire in acqua, si riempie per ¼ di brandy come conservante, acqua naturale non gassata, in ultimo si aggiungono due gocce per rimedio floreale, una per ogni 15ml, chiudere la boccetta, il cocktail è pronto.

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