Garden Gift Basket Ideas – How To Make A Garden Gift

There’s no better gift idea for garden loving friends andrelatives than a gardening themed basket. That leaves one to wonder just whatto put in a garden gift basket. Garden gift basket ideas are limited only byyour budget and imagination. Ideas for garden gift baskets can be inexpensiveand simple or more lavish. Read on to learn how to make a garden gift basket.

How to Make a Garden Gift Basket

If you are a gardener yourself coming up with garden giftbasket ideas will be a breeze. For those with less than a green thumb however,ideas for garden gift baskets might be more difficult. No worries, we’ve gotplenty of garden gift basket ideas to suit every budget.

First things first, choose a container. A container can bealmost anything, but it’s better when making gardening themed baskets to stickwith the theme. That is, choose a container that is relevant to gardening. Thismight be a plantpot, wateringcan, or a bag or basket that can be used to gather produce and flowers. Ifyou want to go big, you could even use a gardening cart that has a storagecompartment for garden tools.

What to Put in a Garden Gift Basket?

Now comes the fun part, filling your chosen container withyour garden ideas. Garden tools, of course, are always high on a gardener’slist. Even if your gardener friend has tools, it’s nice to get new gloves orpruning shears.

Plantsmake sense as basket fillers for this theme. You could select plants basedon your friend’s gardening passion. For instance, do they love perennials,annuals,or veggies?Herbslook pretty tucked into a garden themed basket, as do succulentsor cacti.

Garden themed baskets don’t always have to include a plant.How about some seedpackets? They could be for vegetables or a wildflowergarden. Maybe even spring or summer bulbs for the flower lover in yourfamily.

Additional Ideas for Garden Gift Baskets

Gardeners love to read about their passion so tuck in a bookor magazine about the hobby. A subscription to their favorite gardening magazineis a great idea, as is a journalor calendar that can be used track trends in their garden.

Other ideas for garden gift baskets include hand soap,garden scented candles, sunscreen, a sun hat, bandana or scarf, garden clogs orboots, and an aromatic hand lotion. If your garden friend likes to care for thebirds and insects along with their plants, tuck in a bee house or a birdfeeder.

As you can see, there are tons of garden gift ideas. Thesecan be more personalized with items based on the gift receiver’s specificinterests. If you have trouble deciding, a gift card to your friend’s favoritenursery would be much appreciated. You could also create a personal gift cardfor a friend in need of garden help and offer your assistance, just be sure tofollow through with that assistance.

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