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Studio "Dryadas" on the 13th Krasnoarmeyskaya street, 6. Landscape design, all types of landscape work in St. Petersburg and the region. Landscape design courses. +7 (921) 586-73-91, +7 (950) 023-48-08

"Green Living Room" - landscape services from project to commissioning, courses of landscape designers, plant nursery, sale of ornamental and fruit plants, perennial seedlings. +7 (931) 000-60-88

"Principle NOVO", a landscaping company and an online plant store, offers a wide range of landscaping and landscaping services. A large selection of perennials and vegetables, fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. +7 (921) 952-91-90

"Green Arrow" invites leading experts in the field of landscape design to lectures and master classes; in fascinating landscape tours around Russia and around the world. We carry out a full range of works to create a garden. +7 (812) 956-99-35

Garden Hills, a plant nursery and a landscape bureau in the village of Staraya Pustosh, Vsevolozhsky District, Leningrad Region. Ornamental and fruit plants, a full range of gardening and landscaping services.

Education in the art of landscape design in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Modern professional education in the field of landscape design. Full-time and part-time education. Upon completion of the course - a certificate from the International School of Design.

Plant nursery and landscape bureau "Mika", St. Petersburg. Ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs, perennials and annuals, conifers, rose seedlings, aquatic plants, etc. A wide range of landscape services. +7 (911) 925-45-40

The landscape design studio "Aleksandrovsky Garden" invites you to classes at the School of Ornamental Gardening. In the classroom, you will learn the basics of designing and creating a garden, the correct selection of plants and much more. +7 911 919 36 02

One of the most relevant trends in the modern landscape, tells the teacher of the International School of Design (St. Petersburg), curator of the course "Design project of your garden: Getting ready for summer!", Landscape architect Victoria Rogoleva. She has over 10 years of experience in landscape design and over 50 private and public areas and urban facilities.

Landscape design studio "Design Kit": a full range of services in the field of landscape design and garden and park design from the project to turnkey delivery and maintenance

Landscape design training at the DH School of Design: Professional course, Intensive course, Designing your own garden, Autocad for landscape designers. High level modern education. Learning from scratch

The studio of landscape design and design "Master Rent" offers high-quality decorative design and landscaping of any site. We are not afraid of even seemingly impossible tasks, because our team of professionals is able to create a unique image for any piece of land.

Landscape design schools and studios

A citizen who has a dacha does not ask himself where to spend the weekend. Dacha is an opportunity to be in nature, breathe fresh air, and at the same time grow organic vegetables and fruits. For summer residents, fairs are regularly held with the theme - a dacha, a garden and a vegetable garden in Zaporozhye, where visitors can buy everything they need for a garden plot.

Representatives of garden plant nurseries come to exhibitions and fairs, from them visitors of the event can purchase all kinds of seedlings, get advice on their planting and care. Companies producing gardening tools and implements present their products at exhibitions, which no summer resident can do without.

How to equip a summer cottage, a garden and a vegetable garden - landscape design studios

A garden plot is not only a source of vegetables and fruits grown by your own hands, it is also a place where you can take a break from the bustle of the city with your family or friends. To make it pleasant to come to your summer cottage, you need to correctly arrange it, even if its area is only a few hundred square meters.

Many people try to independently arrange buildings on the available area, in many cases they succeed. But given the limited space, it is difficult without knowledge and experience to fit all buildings, flowers, garden trees in a small area. Therefore, the best solution, allowing the most rational use of the area, would be to turn to the services of professionals engaged in landscape design.

Landscape design studios offer clients the following services:

  • territory design
  • landscaping
  • installation of reservoirs and fountains
  • outdoor lighting system design
  • installation of automatic irrigation systems.

The studio's specialists will draw up a design project, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. If necessary, changes are made to the project. This procedure is necessary because without a clear plan it is difficult to start real action. In addition, the created site plan will allow you to visualize how the area will look after the transformation.

For lovers of garden work, it is necessary to allocate land for planting vegetable crops. Although all vegetables can be bought at the supermarket, summer residents prefer to grow their own cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, etc. with their own hands. The country garden will give a good harvest, provided that the trees are properly planted. Not all horticultural crops are compatible - experts know about this, who will plan the planting of seedlings at a sufficient distance from each other, taking into account compatibility.

A country house requires no less attention - it is also better to entrust its design and decoration to specialists. The latest trend in the design of country houses is the eco-style, which presupposes clear lines, natural materials and natural colors. The client of the agency can choose any style of decoration of the premises, the specialists will do everything to make the dacha a favorite vacation spot for its owner.


Over the years, our clients were the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, divisions of PJSC Gazprom, PJSC Lukoil, UC RUSAL, BTR Group, Troika Dialog Management Company and many others.

The company strives to create oases of the environment in which a person is comfortable and pleasant to live. In this we see the key to the success of our company.

Working with the best nurseries in Russia and Europe, our specialists will be able to bring to life a unique project for the most demanding customer.

We will be glad to see you among our clients!

  • Landscape design
    • Landscape compositions
    • Landscape design
    • Ordinary lawns
    • Decorative vegetable garden
    • Small architectural forms
    • Paving with tiles
    • Flowers
  • Ponds
  • Arrangement of a winter garden
  • Planting large-sized
    • Choosing a large size
    • Krupnomers - type in summer
    • Large size planting process
  • Monumental painting
  • Waterfalls
    • Decorating rock compositions
  • Interior design
    • Artificial marble products
    • Ornamental paintings of walls and ceilings
    • Wall murals for damp rooms
    • Rock compositions in interiors
    • Artistic reliefs

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Landscape design schools and studios - garden and vegetable garden

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Lesson 3. How to choose plants for gardens in different styles

The whole history of gardening art is the history of the application of two basic principles of organizing the garden space, that is, the classical and landscape styles, as well as their variations. In the third lesson, we'll look at three interesting stylizations that are most prevalent. We will learn how to express a certain style or emphasize its details with the help of plants.

To study the lesson, click the button below. Do not forget to take the test and ask the teachers questions.

Site design of 40 acres and selection of plants

The larger the estate, the more it suffers from the wind. Therefore, the design of a plot of 40 acres begins with a good protective perimeter. A high, wind- and frost-resistant hedge along the northern borders of the estate is formed by thuja... Trees of Brabant, Sankist, Smaragd varieties reach a height of 5 meters, Column-shaped - about 10 m. Low-growing varieties of Norway spruce and Scots pine, growing up to 6-10 m, serve as a good wind barrier.

On the leeward side, you can use deciduous shrubs: barberry, euonymus, honeysuckle, snowberry, blackthorn, hawthorn, vesicle, chubushnik... Dense bushes 2-4 m high protect from wind, dust, stray animals, attract attention with bright flowering and foliage.

A low hedge inside the estate becomes an additional zoning element. And rows up to 50 cm high serve as an element of a regular garden. The original part of the play area will be a cheerful green labyrinth of thornless bushes about 1 m high.

To protect the area from the sun, it is recommended to plant tall trees with spreading crowns. Single oaks, chestnuts, maples, groups of pines, birches, larches. In humid lowlands, it is advisable to plant willows. They give moderate shade and dry out the soil noticeably.

Ornamental shrubs they are landed singly or in small groups. The assortment of plants is selected in such a way that during the season bright colored spots of inflorescences, berries, leaves are seen everywhere on a green background. From fruit trees, you should choose varieties bred or adapted for cultivation in Moscow suburbs.

According to the theory of landscape design, lawns should occupy about 30% of the site. This figure is conditional. If the owners do not intend to grow a garden and vegetable garden, it is advisable to sow the free area with lawn grass. It will eliminate the need to cultivate the soil and control weeds.

For all issues of landscaping and gardening of the site, please contact the specialists of the landscape studio "Stroy-Gazon". We will provide qualified assistance in planting planning, selection and planting of plants, caring for them, as well as decorating the site with garden architecture, decorative elements and materials.

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